Sudden Realisation 

People sometime has sudden realisation, realisation of important things in their lives. But my realisation are neither important nor add much values to my life. They are simple, actual very simple, but very very important to me for the time being. It’s like, I am speeding and I realised that there is police in few meters and I should slow down. So the realisation is not that I am speeding and I should not, but I should not at that very moment.

So I realised today that I have passed four months in this year without actually achieving anything. It’s not that I am not trying something, you know I am always positive about future. I have so many things in my mind that I have already started or will be doing in sometime. My goals are small, realistic and achievable.

Last month I decided that I am going to loose weight. I was 108 kg then and my target weight is 85 kg by October. This is possible if I follow certain diet and then exercise and all, so you see, the goal is small and achievable; but on the same time, I am lazy.

So by the end of this month I am at 105 kg, well it feels good to reach towards you goal. Well one thing to add up here is, I did follow diet, but that was for only two weeks and then I ate whatever I can. So the diet didn’t help me to loose my first 5 Kg, then what did. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I will take this as a motivation and will use it to loose more weight in coming months. 

Fat To Fit – Story of Mikhail Merchant

“I was overweight while growing up and faced a lot of bullying throughout my childhood. Since birth, I’ve been unable to hear so there were a lot of times when I didn’t even know when people were making fun of me, but there were times when the boys in my class would come close and say nasty things and that’s when I knew that I was being bullied. Since then, I withdrew and had very few friends. I would get very frustrated at myself, but my mother was always my biggest support. She used to tell me, ‘people will always try and pull you down…but that just means you’re already above them!’ and that’s what kept me going for the longest time. At 17, my world changed once again — my mother passed away and it was at this point that I found it difficult to cope with life. For months, I didn’t do anything but there came a point when I had to get out of it and make something of myself…make her proud. It was around this time that I began to work out, and as time passed I knew that I wanted to become the fittest version of myself. I pushed myself to run, swim and work out at the gym every single day for 3 years and I went from 145 kgs to 70kgs. From being bullied about being overweight, I’m on the way to my first modelling assignment next month and it’s all because my family didn’t allow me to give up. My mother may not be here, but her words still guide me and I wish she could have been here to see my transformation…I hope I’ve made her proud.”

Note: This was originally posted by Humans of Bombay on their Facebook page.

Being Fat

Sudden Urge to Get In Shape

Life was all fine until last week when I found out that I am not fitting into my favorite shirt. I usually wear loose t-shirts, be it at my home or for office and wear shirts occasionally. Last time I wore that particular shirt on my anniversary in the first week of December. I was well fit in it and was looking good. So what happened in this two months that I have grown so much horizontally.

If this had happened couple of months back, I wouldn’t have cared. But in the last three months, I have seen some of my colleagues physically transforming themselves so much. And on the other hand I am getting short of clothes that I can fit into. So I checked my weight which is 106 kg, checked my BMI, and I am obese. So it was alarming and I decided to take care of this once and for all.

I shared this concern with my wife and she suggested that it’s high time now that I start following diet. She planned my diet and I started to follow the same. But that was not effective and on top of that I was not able to stick to it completely. So I started reading blogs and all to research more ways to lose weight fast but not through shortcut.

Seeking Motivation and Facts

What I learned from the blogs and articles of famous nutritionists, physical trainers and people who have successfully transformed themselves, is that you cannot get desired results only by following a diet or physical activity. You will have to do both simultaneously and under proper guidance. Training, diets and results varies for each person and someone else’s regime cannot fit your lifestyle. So be it virtually or by visiting fitness classes or gym, you must need a personal coach who can plan according to your lifestyle to actually get results. Otherwise only following diets and activities addressed to global audiences will lead you to nothing and will demotivate you eventually. And you will end up giving up your goals and will get more stressed than you are now.

But as I have already failed to regularly continue gym, twice, I was not sure about spending again for the same. So I decide to try on my own and to track my progress I thought of having an app. So after searching for an hour or so, going through descriptions and reviews of various apps, I found one which is more than what I was looking for.

An App Can Change Your Size

HealthifyMe is the app that is most recommended and useful. It store details like height, weight, and age and then calculates the calories that I need to intake and burn in a day. It also suggests foods and drinks, quantities and the nutrients that I can get from those. The best feature of this app is, it is built for Indian audiences and suggests Indian foods and drinks, unlike other apps that cater only to western customers. It also syncs with the iPhone health app to track my physical activities to calculate my calorie burn. So with this app, I can track my daily eating habit, weight, calorie intake, calorie burn along with suggestions on what to eat and drink and at what quantities and also when. And all these without spending a dime.

As with other apps, it also has both free and paid plans. It has three different paid plans which caters to different needs. With paid plan I will get a personal nutritionist, who will set up my diet plan according to my routine and will help to reach my goal throughout the period I would subscribe for. Same goes for personal trainer, who comes with a higher plan and will plan my exercises and will help me to do them properly.

First Step Towards My Goal  – Being FIT

I decided to use this app and my motivation to walk through the road of being fat to fit. I installed, added required information and opted for the 7 day free access to a paid plan, where I am appointed a nutritionist to help me set up a diet plan. This plan also includes one over the phone consultation with the nutritionist  to discuss my current lifestyle and how to start my way towards my goal.

One day three of the seven day plan, I had my phone consultation with my nutritionist and discussed about my daily routine and food habits. Within an hour post discussion, my app was updated with a personalized diet plan, that I need to follow strongly and without any excuse. She also advised me to get a 3 month subscription, and I can lose weight about 10 kg in this period if I strictly follow my diet plan and workout plan that will be setup by my appointed fitness coach.

I always love but at the same time become skeptical about trying new things. So I again gave a serious thought about this and whether should I pay or not as I have a personalized diet plan available already. But only for the idea of getting two personal coaches at my disposal whenever I need any suggestions, I decided to go for it.

So finally, I will pay for this and will start on 1st April 2017. And my goal is to reduce my weight to 95 kg by 31st June 2017. Let’s try harder and hope for the best.