Sudden Realisation 

People sometime has sudden realisation, realisation of important things in their lives. But my realisation are neither important nor add much values to my life. They are simple, actual very simple, but very very important to me for the time being. It’s like, I am speeding and I realised that there is police in few meters and I should slow down. So the realisation is not that I am speeding and I should not, but I should not at that very moment.

So I realised today that I have passed four months in this year without actually achieving anything. It’s not that I am not trying something, you know I am always positive about future. I have so many things in my mind that I have already started or will be doing in sometime. My goals are small, realistic and achievable.

Last month I decided that I am going to loose weight. I was 108 kg then and my target weight is 85 kg by October. This is possible if I follow certain diet and then exercise and all, so you see, the goal is small and achievable; but on the same time, I am lazy.

So by the end of this month I am at 105 kg, well it feels good to reach towards you goal. Well one thing to add up here is, I did follow diet, but that was for only two weeks and then I ate whatever I can. So the diet didn’t help me to loose my first 5 Kg, then what did. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I will take this as a motivation and will use it to loose more weight in coming months. 

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